Digital ActivationApril 2021


#SeeUsHearUs Campaign

250+ Scans | 33 Cities | 150+ Stories

When approached by Femina magazine to host a digital activation for it’s Indonesian edition, we thought it would be a great opportunity to help Femina showcase budding Female Entrepreneurs.

So, how can we empower more female voices in Indonesia and make them feel heard and seen?

By putting them on the cover using AR.

The partnership with Whatsapp was a natural fit due to the low data requirements and Whatsapp being synonymous with Instant Messaging. The idea of the campaign was to get strong entrepreneurial women from the region to speak out and send powerful messages that resonate with other females.

We decided that it would be best if females shared their visual stories that would later be showcased in the April 2021 issue of the Femina Indonesia Magazine.

A simple post was created and floated across social medias through promotions. Women could just click on the link, give basic details that verified their identity, and submit their stories.

An easy-to-use UI was created for the Campaign which allowed:

  • 1. Women to seamlessly submit their stories
  • 2. The Femina team to sort through all the submissions with ease.

A dashboard was also created for the verification of the stories.



Female Entrepreneurs from Indonesia

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