Where's the problem ?

There’s always some gimmick to strategic event planning in the business industry, and it only takes good instincts to observe. As per Economic theory of Industrial Revolution, there are two factors that matter for any industry to grow- Technological Influences (The Innovations) and Social Influences (Understanding of people and their behaviour). Unfortunately, Events and Experiences Industry has been lowest in the charts for both the things-
A) Low on Digital Transformation
B) Not benefitting much from Big Data Revolution

What’s the Solution ?

Offer a platform that makes building events and experiences simple, efficient and data driven for enterprises, using best of tech and data defining methods.

The Opportunity

Events are a valuable tool to marketers as they offer a level of prestige, grandeur, and tangibility that no other platform can match. Large portions of marketing budgets are being allocated to events in the form of product launches, exhibitions, and award ceremonies to name a few.

Our Team

Anubhav Singh
Assistant Manager
Design & Development
Bharat Garg
Technical Lead
Software Development
Divya Malik
UI/UX Design & Development
Jasmeet Pal Singh
Chief Air Officer
Jaya Pandey
Naveen Gupta
Nitesh Singh
Assistant Manager
Visuals, Design & Development
Paramjeet Singh
Head Business Acquisitions
Prince Yadav
Business Analyst
Rahul Banjare
Assistant Manager
Design & Development
Rajat Singh
Assistant Manager
Multimedia, Design & Development
Ramneek Gandhi
Design & Development
Vishal Puri
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