A Digital Transformation in Hospitality - The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi

About The Property

Located in the dynamic and bustling city of New Delhi, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel stands as an epitome of luxury and elegance. Known for its grandeur and expansive event facilities, the hotel boasts over 70,000 square feet of versatile space, catering to a diverse array of prestigious events, from global conferences to opulent weddings.

Banquet Space

25,000 square feet

Rooms & Suites


Property Type


Business Hotel

In the ever-competitive hospitality industry, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi faced the challenge of continuously elevating its service standards to meet the changing demands of guests and stay ahead of the competition. The hotel sought innovative solutions to enhance its event sales, improve guest experiences, and integrate advanced technology for better event management efficiency.


In Conversation with Aagman Baury | GM – The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi


Global showcase for event spaces:

  • The hotel aimed to increase its event sales by enhancing the visibility of its spaces to customers worldwide.
  • There was a need for a tool that could vividly showcase the hotel’s offerings to the international market.

Cross-selling across multiple properties:

  • Frequently dealing with clients and organizing multiple events in various cities posed a challenge.
  • There was a need for an efficient solution to present diverse venue options without extensive travel.

Remote sales and client engagement:

  • Engaging international clients remotely, especially those who could not visit the hotel for planning, was crucial.
  • They needed to provide a realistic and interactive experience of the hotel’s facilities from afar.


Enhancing Global Event Sales:

  • Spalba’s Digital Twin technology enabled potential clients worldwide to virtually explore the hotel’s event spaces, leading to improved customer experiences and increased sales.
  • Received excellent support from the Spalba team, making the transition smooth and effective.

Streamlined Property-Wide Sales:

  • The technology allowed showcasing multiple Leela properties across cities on a single digital platform, simplifying the sales process, saving significant resources and enabling cross-selling of properties.
  • This approach also aligned with eco-friendly practices by reducing the need for travel.

Efficient Remote Engagement:

  • Digital Twin technology played a pivotal role in confirming bookings from remote clients, like a large event that was organized entirely from Dublin.


  • The integration of Spalba’s Digital Twin technology significantly boosted event sales and enhanced global visibility.
  • Client satisfaction improved due to the interactive and detailed planning process.
  • Operational efficiency in event management increased, showcasing a more streamlined and error-free approach.

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The experience of The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi, with Spalba’s Digital Twin technology is a compelling example of how embracing new technology can lead to significant improvements in the hospitality industry. This strategic decision did much more than just improve sales and customer experiences; it marked a significant shift in how the hotel approaches event planning. By integrating this innovative technology, The Leela not only made its operations more efficient but also reached out to a wider international audience.

This case study highlights the importance of staying ahead of technological advancements in today’s competitive hospitality market. The Leela’s success in implementing Spalba’s digital twin technology demonstrates how adopting new tools can create better experiences for customers and set a hotel apart from its competitors. It shows that being open to new technology is essential for growth and maintaining a leading position in the hospitality industry.