Revolutionizing hotel sales for Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarka : Embracing digital excellence.

Welcomhotel by ITC Hotels

About The Property

Conveniently located in Asia’s largest sub-city Dwarka, right behind the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarka, New Delhi, a 5 star hotel, lets you discover one of the world’s most vibrant cities filled with a distinct culture and a fascinating history.

Banquet Space

18,000 sq. ft.

Rooms & Suites


Property Type

Business Hotel


In an era dominated by digitization, Spalba’s state-of-the-art digital tools are reshaping the game for hoteliers, significantly enhancing user experience and engagement on hotel websites. Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarka, strategically located just 20 minutes from both International and Domestic Airports in New Delhi, stands at the forefront of this technological shift. Their pioneering efforts demonstrate the potential to transform how guests interact and connect with the hotel even before their arrival, exerting a profound impact on the overall performance of the hotel brand.

Global Property Showcase with Digital Twins

Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels

The challenge was clear: to showcase its exquisite properties on a global scale and increase engagement on the website. The solution was the deployment of an immersive experience, allowing users to explore the hotel through the Digital Twin and see the grandness of the property from wherever they are. Spalba’s Digital Twins became the key solution to the hotel’s challenge of global property showcasing. This innovative tool allowed Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarkato create virtual replicas of their properties, providing a realistic and interactive online experience. Potential clients could now explore property’s venues remotely, breaking down geographical barriers.

Success measurement: Results speak for themselves.

The adoption of the Digital Twin translates into hundreds of views and users immerse themselves in the Digital Twin, showcasing the magnetic power of this immersive experience. 

The time spent on the page has increased drastically, thereby  increasing opportunities to persuade them and close the sales faster.

Moreover it has resulted in a hyper-personalized virtual and immersive experience.

Optimizing the venues for maximum usage with Layout Generator

Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarka sales team had a firm belief that their ballroom could accommodate only 180 people. The challenge was to rectify this and demonstrate the versatility of the ballroom in accommodating larger gatherings with various seating arrangements. 

Spalba’s layout generator addressed this challenge of optimizing ballroom space. By using this tool, ITC could showcase that the ballroom could accommodate larger gatherings than previously thought, and demonstrate the flexibility of different seating arrangements. This visual representation facilitated better communication with clients and increased the ballroom’s booking potential.

Effortless Showcasing with Mock-Up Builder

The manual process of showcasing different mock setups in various seating arrangements was time-consuming and challenging. Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarka needed an efficient solution to streamline this process and provide clients with a diverse range of options effortlessly.

The Spalba Mockup Builder revolutionized their approach to showcasing different setups. Now, with just a click of a button, ITC could present clients with a variety of mock setups in different seating arrangements. This streamlined the process, saving time and providing clients with a dynamic and personalized view of the event possibilities.


The use of Spalba’s innovative tools in Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarkais Isn’t just a specific case of improving the user experience; it is an invitation to all hotels to embark on this digital revolution. The results obtained are irrefutable proof that investment in this technology translates into a clear return in terms of user engagement,their preferences, and conversion into faster sales. Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarka have paved the way, demonstrating that innovation and the adoption of new technologies are essential to stay at the forefront and offer unforgettable experiences. Now is the time to act, adopt Spalba’s innovative tools, and transform your guests’ experience. The future of hospitality is digital, and Spalba is your solution to achieve it.