Breaking Boundaries: How Radisson Blu Greater Noida Transformed Banquet Booking with Immersive Remote Experiences

Radisson Blu - Greater Noida

About The Property

Located in the heart of Greater Noida’s industrial and IT hub, the Radisson Blu hotel is an ideal spot for business meetings, social gatherings, and wedding receptions.

Banquet Space

12,000 Sq. Ft.

Rooms & Suites


Property Type

Business Hotel

At a Glance:

This case study highlights the successful integration of Spalba’s digital twin technology, including event mock setups, into Radisson Blu Greater Noida’s sales strategy. By incorporating Spalba’s virtual tour links and ready-to-showcase event mock setups in their proposals, the hotel not only enhanced client engagement but also improved their presentation and streamlined the sales process. The inclusion of Spalba’s digital twin links in proposals showcased the venue’s unique advantages, leading to increased client interest, informed decision-making, and improved sales conversion rates for Radisson Blu Greater Noida.


Radisson Blu Greater Noida recognized the significance of Spalba’s digital twin technology in augmenting client engagement and sales efforts. This case study examines how the hotel effectively incorporated Spalba’s virtual tour links into their proposals, resulting in improved communication, client satisfaction, and overall sales growth.

Challenges :

  • Location Constraints: Radisson Blu Greater Noida faced the challenge of being situated in an area that was not easily accessible to all potential customers. This limited their visibility and made it difficult to attract a diverse clientele.
  • Banquet Sales Focus: While room sales were relatively straightforward for the hotel, banquet sales required special attention and strategies to maximize revenue potential. Radisson Blu Greater Noida recognized the importance of banquets as a significant revenue stream and sought solutions to enhance their banquet services.
  • Engaging Potential Clients: Radisson Blu Greater Noida aimed to create compelling proposals that effectively engaged potential clients. They sought to provide an immersive experience that showcased their banquet facilities and differentiated their offerings from competitors.
  • Streamlining the Sales Process: The hotel aimed to streamline the sales process by providing comprehensive information to potential clients. They sought a solution that would make it easier for clients to visualize the banquet spaces, understand seating arrangements, and make informed decisions.


  • Spalba Digital Twins: In partnership with Spalba, Radisson Blu Greater Noida implemented digital twin technology to create virtual replicas of their banquet facilities. Spalba’s digital twin solution offered an immersive and interactive experience, allowing potential customers to explore the banquet spaces remotely.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: By utilizing Spalba’s digital twins, Radisson Blu Greater Noida effectively overcame the geographical barriers that hindered customer reach. Prospective clients could now experience the hotel’s banquet venues virtually, regardless of their physical location, making the hotel accessible to a wider audience.
  • Sales and Marketing Advantage: The implementation of Spalba’s digital twin technology provided Radisson Blu Greater Noida with a competitive edge in the market. The hotel could showcase its banquet facilities in a visually engaging manner, attracting potential clients and boosting sales.
  • Enhanced Client Engagement: Additionally, the hotel gained a competitive edge by showcasing ready event mock setups, enabling clients to have a more vivid and immersive experience. This approach not only captured their interest but also fostered a stronger connection between the clients and the hotel.  
  • Improved Presentation: Spalba’s digital twins improved communication between the hotel and potential clients. The virtual tours enabled clients to visualize the banquet venues, seating arrangements, and other amenities, resulting in clearer communication and a shared understanding of the offerings.


  • Increased Client Interest: The integration of Spalba’s digital twin links in proposals significantly heightened client interest. Potential clients could virtually experience the banquet spaces, leading to a greater desire to engage with the hotel and learn more about its offerings.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: The inclusion of Spalba’s virtual tours in proposals empowered potential clients to make more informed decisions. The immersive experience enabled them to visualize their event in the banquet spaces, assess seating arrangements, and gain confidence in their choice of venue.
  • Improved Sales Conversion Rates: Radisson Blu Greater Noida observed a notable improvement in sales conversion rates after incorporating Spalba’s digital twin links. The enhanced engagement, improved communication, and increased client interest positively impacted the hotel’s sales performance.
Radisson Blu Feedback for Spalba


By integrating Spalba’s digital twin technology and including virtual tour links in their proposals, Radisson Blu Greater Noida successfully enhanced client engagement, streamlined the sales process, and improved sales conversion rates. With the added advantage of ready-to-showcase event mock setups, Radisson Blu empowered event planners to visualize precisely how an event would look in their venue. This immersive experience enabled deeper connections, facilitated informed decision-making, and emphasized the benefits of including Spalba’s digital twin links in proposals.