Space-As-A-Service (SPaaS)

Venue Marketplace
Where To Do

With over 25% of the event cost being spent on event venues in case of physical events and online platforms in case of virtual events, “Where” to conduct an event is probably the most important question that begs to be answered during the event planning.

Spalba’s SPaaS module uses AI-powered search and XR-enabled exploration to enable users to compare all venue options and collaborate with venue providers to complete the cycle of booking the venue with just a few clicks.

Whether you are somewhere in Europe planning an event in India or a user in Mumbai planning an event in Delhi, SPaaS removes all the hurdles in the Search-Explore-Collaborate-Book cycle, to enable an absolutely seamless and highly effective venue booking experience.

Workflow Automation

How To Do

Event execution comprises mostly of mundane tasks that can be done much more efficiently by using the right applications that ensure traceability across process steps and provide an integrated view to event management.

The ability to execute events within budget, within timelines and as per the expected quality, is far more amplified if events are executed via well-defined processes while allowing for flexibility that typically, an event manager requires.

Spalba’s execution-assist mobile app, powered by centralized process definition, marries the required flexibility and pre-defined domain specific processes to help users deliver the best event experience.

Master Planner

What To Do

Events planning has always been more of a guess work rather than a data driven planning exercise. This often starts with a question about WHAT needs to be done in order to meet the event objectives.

Spalba’s Master Planner module aims to provide the user with the capability to understand and compare the impact of various nuances for physical, virtual and hybrid events.

These nuances include presence of conflicting events, impact comparison of various event activities/features, identification of audience categories, date conflicts etc. The sole objective of this module is to enable event planners to make informed planning decisions, using the power of predictive analytics.

Vendor Marketplace

With Whom To Do

During event execution, identifying the right execution partners is mission critical. Any event planner would vouch that the event execution value chain is only as strong as the weakest link – link here being synonymous to execution partners / vendors.

However, the ability of an event planner to identify right execution partners is limited to the known circle of vendors. Very often this limited outreach to partners causes event execution cost and quality to be far more sub-optimal than otherwise possible.

Spalba’s Vendor Marketplace module enables users to identify partners from a much larger set of vendors, build trust in the ecosystem by managing the payment risks, and commoditizes the execution elements, making event execution predictable and risk-free.

Insights & Analysis

Why To Do

Closure of an event is probably one of the most overlooked aspect of an event execution. However, the event execution loop is never closed, unless the feedback and lessons learnt are put back in the system to ensure the things that went right went are repeated next time and the things that did not go well are avoided.

Spalba’s “Insights & Analysis” module provides the ability to fetch data captured during the execution and combine that with the subjective feedback loop to generate insights that are not otherwise possible to generate.