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An Event Tech Platform
We are a SaaS platform that make events and experiences simple, efficient and data driven for enterprises.

Our Vision

Organise global data on events and experiences, make it accessible, functional and experiential.

What’s the Problem ?

Events and Experiences Industry has been a laggard when it comes to Digital Transformation and Big Data Transformation, because of which the industry growth is restricted.

What’s the Solution ?

Offer a platform that makes building events and experiences simple, efficient and data driven for enterprises, using best of tech and data defining methods.

The Opportunity

Events are a valuable tool to marketers as they offer a level of prestige, grandeur, and tangibility that no other platform can match. Large portions of marketing budgets are being allocated to events in the form of product launches, exhibitions, and award ceremonies to name a few.

What's with the Bunny?

Well that’s a doe, Alba.

Alba was the name of the first ever genetically modified rabbit that could GLOW at night. Created as an artistic work by contemporary artist Eduardo Kac, produced in collaboration with French geneticist Louis-Marie Houdebine.

Houdebine used the GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) gene found in the jellyfish to modify Alba and when exposed to light, she would literally glow like a lamp. This creation is a particularly significant moment in history as it was an amalgamation of art and science.

And that’s how we foresee SPALBA (Spaces+Alba), the amalgamation of data-driven tech power to create a unique offering for every event space.

Just like Alba, we target to modify your event development as a multifunctional entity along with an outshining glow factor of making your experiences and events successful.