Delhi NCR’s Luxurious Wedding Venues with a Digital Edge


Imagine a day filled with love, laughter, and splendid celebrations – your wedding day. 

In the heart of India, Delhi NCR stands proud, offering some of the most enchanting wedding venues. Each venue, with its unique character, weaves a tale of romance and grandeur, promising to turn your wedding into a celebration of a lifetime.

Here is a comprehensive list of ten venues to consider for your upcoming nuptials.

The Leela Chanakyapuri:

When you walk into The Leela Chanakyapuri, it’s like you’re stepping right into a royal story. 

This venue can easily welcome over 1000 guests, making it a dream spot for anyone who has grown up imagining a big, grand wedding. 

majestic ballrooms with fancy chandeliers and elegant tapestries, all setting the scene for a day that feels straight out of a fairy tale. 

What’s really great about The Leela is how they pay attention to every little detail, making sure your wedding isn’t just luxurious, but also personal and memorable.

Hyatt Regency, New Delhi:

The Hyatt Regency in New Delhi presents a unique blend of contemporary luxury and traditional elegance. 

You know what makes this venue stand out? 

They embrace modern technology with Spalba’s digital twin technology, enabling guests to embark on a virtual journey through the venue’s sophisticated spaces. More importantly, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi is ideal for hosting up to 750 guests. From the grandeur of its ballrooms to the charm of its outdoor settings, it offers a glimpse into what modern-day fairytales are made of.

The Lodhi:

In Delhi’s busy vibe, there’s a quiet gem called The Lodhi

It’s perfect for a smaller wedding with close to 500 guests. You get beautiful gardens and calm water spots, all coming together for the dreamy garden wedding vibe. 

Inside and out, The Lodhi mixes cool modern design with some traditional elements, making it a top pick for anyone looking for a classy yet cozy place to celebrate their big day.

Shangri-La Eros:

In the heart of the capital, Shangri-La Eros stands as a beacon of luxury and grandeur. 

One big reason? 

Suitable for a wedding with 500 people, this location offers beautiful terraces and banquet halls. 

The combination of excellent cuisine, excellent service, and a stunning setting combine to create a unique and laid-back vibe that makes your special day even more exceptional than its location alone. 

An added bonus is that Spalba’s digital twin technology allows you to virtually tour the venue from the comfort of your home before you visit.

ITC WelcomHotel Dwarka:

ITC WelcomHotel Dwarka, a place where Indian culture and glory come to life. 

Imagine a venue that can warmly welcome up to 1000 guests, each corner echoing India’s rich heritage through its stunning architecture and opulent decor. 

And here’s the exciting part – with Spalba’s digital twin technology, you can now roam through its expansive spaces virtually, getting a real feel of its lavish settings. This fusion of age-old traditions with modern tech brings an exciting, innovative edge to your grand and culturally-rich wedding celebrations.

The Pullman Aerocity:

Have you ever wondered what a blend of high-end style and cutting-edge tech looks like?

It’s not just about the size, although it can comfortably accommodate up to 1500 guests. What makes it a trendsetter is its beautiful spaces that set the stage for a grand celebration. And for those who like a preview, there’s an option to virtually explore these stunning areas, giving you a sense of the ambiance and scale before your big day.


Imagine your big day wrapped in the epitome of contemporary luxury. Best Wedding venue in Delhi NCR “The Pullman Aerocity ” is all about making your wedding not just an event but a statement of style.

Andaz Delhi:

Dream of hosting your wedding at a place that’s as lively and stylish as your own love story?

Enter Andaz Delhi, not just a venue but a celebration hotspot for up to 1200 guests, capturing the essence of modern weddings.

What’s really cool?

With Spalba’s digital twin technology, you can take an online sneak peek into Andaz’s unique and dynamic spaces. Imagine planning your big day by virtually walking through each vibrant setting—it’s like getting a preview of the excitement and style that await you and your guests!

Trident Gurgaon:

In Gurgaon’s busy streets, you’ll find a little oasis: Trident Gurgaon

This place, welcoming up to 600 guests, is like a quiet corner amidst of the city’s hustle. 

What sets it apart?

The digital event visualization tool. This isn’t just about seeing the space; it’s about experiencing your wedding in virtual reality before it unfolds. Explore the venue’s layout, tweak the details, and watch your dream setting come to life, all from the comfort of your home. 

It’s more than planning; it’s previewing the magic of your day in a unique, interactive way.

Taj Palace, New Delhi:

Taj Palace in New Delhi is more than just a venue; it’s a top choice for anyone dreaming of a grand wedding. 

Why? Well, it’s not every day you find a place that can comfortably welcome over 1000 guests with space to spare. 

This venue is not just about its impressive size; it excels in delivering unparalleled service and offers gastronomic delights that remain the talk of the town well after the wedding celebrations.

If you’re looking for a venue that combines space, elegance, and exceptional service, Taj Palace is a place where your big wedding dreams can come true.

Radisson Blu Kaushambi:

Radisson Blu Kaushambi really knows how to blend a comfortable vibe with a touch of elegance, making it a go-to for wedding celebrations. 

Think of it as a place where you can bring together 800 of your friends and family without feeling cramped. 

The banquet halls here are not just big; they’re decked out with everything you might need to make your wedding day both grand and hassle-free. It’s the kind of spot that’s great for a big, fun wedding, where everyone can relax, celebrate, and enjoy the day.

It's a Wrap:

And that’s the grand tour of Delhi NCR’s wedding venues! 

From the serenity of lush gardens to the excitement of virtual venue tours, there’s a world of choices out there. Each venue has its own special way of making your big day shine, whether you dream of a wedding that’s big, small, traditional, or on the cutting edge. 

As you plan, just think – in the heart of Delhi NCR, the perfect spot for your unforgettable wedding day is waiting for you to say ‘I do.’

Abhishek Pandey
Abhishek Pandey

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