Here are 5 reasons why your next event should be Hybrid.

The meeting and event space has changed tremendously over the past decade. Companies are rethinking their day-to-day operations right from communication, manufacturing, sales, marketing to event planning. One such trend that has gained popularity is hybrid events – the perfect crossover between the physical and virtual world. Most of the physical events that are organized by groups or organizations are also made available to the virtual space at the same time. This gives them the presenter and the attendees better control of the event and the event is accessible to people globally. The pandemic just proved to be a catalyst for the idea of hybrid events and more than ever the companies are adopting hybrid modes.

The goal of a hybrid event is to engage both virtual and in-person attendees at the same time, involving them in the same activities and discussions. The core of a successful hybrid event lies in providing the same experience for both the attendees, irrespective of how they choose to attend the event.

But the big question is - Why hybrid events? Can’t we just go for an online or an in-person interaction? Well, hybrid events come with a plethora of benefits. We have listed some of them down for you! Have a look!

1. Escalated Audience Reach

An in-person event comes with geographical boundaries. The reach of the event will be mostly limited to the specific city in which your event is being organized. With hybrid mode, the attendees have the ease to attend the event from their preferred location at their ease. It can take a local event to a global one in no time. Furthermore, restrictions on the number of attendees are eased in a hybrid event.

2. Greater Audience Engagement

Hybrid events open up new opportunities for engagement between organizers and attendees. Combining virtual and in-person elements like Q&As and virtual forums can keep the audience engaged for a long time and create a friendly environment where both kinds of attendees can have relevant conversations with each other.

3. Cost-Effective

Hybrid events save venue rental, accommodation, and travel costs to a great extent. In-person activities can be scaled down to reduce financial risks. Sponsors are more inclined towards hybrid events thanks to their wide reach. If your budget is on the smaller side, hybrid events are the perfect option to organize your event successfully.

4. Easier Access to Content

The valuable information from your event – speaker notes, Q&As and so much more – with the hybrid mode you can easily record and save the information for further use. You can make it accessible to people who were not able to attend the event and utilize it for marketing strategies.

Digital elements are driving the growth of the events industry at a breakneck pace. Event venues have a great opportunity to ride on this wave and make 2022 a great year for their growth. Get in touch with Spalba to know more about how you can do this.

5. Lesser Environmental Impact

A standard in-person event is a huge waste generator. All of us might have noticed the hundreds of promotional products that go into the dustbin at any social event. And how can we forget the huge pile of disposables in the trash? Air travel is a frequent means of transportation least to one of the biggest carbon footprints. The hybrid model might not provide the ultimate solution to these problems but it can surely reduce them to a great extent. And as we all know, it is the small efforts that count!

Hybrid Event is soon to become a necessity for brands and companies to keep themselves relevant and accessible to their audiences as the market expands to a global level. At Spalba, we assist enterprises to create event experiences that are simple, efficient, and data-driven. The recent ventures by Spalba include the Hybrid Launch Event for the new Meta office at Gurgaon, India which included multi-camera live streaming, CLON 3D, extensive use of VR, and immersive Metaverse experience. Spalba is the go-to choice for companies to create a unique event experience for their audience. Spalba provides all the required tools to make your hybrid event a success – irrespective of the size of the event. It’s time to make your events future-ready with Spalba!

Ankit Sehrawat
Ankit Sehrawat

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