Revolutionise college campus tours with the power of the Metaverse

When choosing a college for your graduation, post-graduation or other courses, catalogues and websites can only offer a glimpse into what the college is like. College campus tours are crucial in understanding how a college really is and if you would be happy in that environment. The Metaverse can be a game-changer for college tours, enabling students to explore their preferred colleges without having to set a foot on the campus.

Need for Metaverse-compatible College Campus Tours

Walking around the campus, visiting classrooms and laboratories, and exploring the various on-campus facilities can give you a firsthand view of a college and help you in making the right decision. But going on such campus tours comes with significant time and money hassles, especially for students staying in different countries.

The Metaverse can eliminate these barriers by enabling students to explore college campuses from the comfort of their homes. 3-D virtual tours of college campuses can widen the range of opportunities for students by making more colleges accessible. On the other hand, colleges can benefit from reaching a large number of prospects from different parts of the world.

Explore Campuses Like Never Before

It is quite common for prospective students and their parents to surf through videos of colleges to get a feel of what the campus is like. But the information delivered through 2-dimensional videos always comes with certain limitations. The Metaverse can reduce these limitations and provide more engaging college campus tour experiences.

By bringing together the power of augmented reality and virtual reality, the Metaverse can make campus tours more immersive and revolutionise the way students pick and apply for colleges. With this unique technology, students and their parents can explore entire college campuses very easily and quickly.

Through these virtual 3-D tours, prospective students can visit different buildings as well as key areas of interest across the campus. To further make the exploration process more interesting, interactive elements can be incorporated throughout the digital campus twin to pique the interest of prospects and their parents.

Eliminate Time and Distance Barriers

Imagine you are a student digging up details about various colleges for your graduation or post-graduation. After much assessment, you finally shortlist about 5-6 names based on the college’s reputation as well as on the course you are pursuing. What do you do next after these important things have been taken care of?

A college visit or campus tour is an important prerequisite to ensure that you go to a college where you’ll get the best education and where you’ll be the most comfortable. That being said, walking across a huge campus spread over several acres can be quite exhausting and time-consuming. Following this process for each of the shortlisted colleges is not feasible at all and next to impossible for foreign students.

The Metaverse can provide an effective remedy to this concern. Through the virtual world, the Metaverse can make exploring campuses much simpler and stress-free. With no travel involved and no need of walking for hours, you can conveniently visit each and every building and thoroughly examine a campus virtually. More importantly, you can visit a large number of colleges and properly explore them before making the final decision.

Deliver Useful and Immersive Education Fair Experiences

Education fairs serve as a great avenue for students to explore different university options available in their subject of interest. Right from the eligibility criteria, admission prerequisites and application process to details about scholarships, university facilities and accommodation, students get answers to all their questions at these events.

The availability of university representatives make education fairs quite interactive and informative. But the Metaverse can help in making these events a lot more immersive and entertaining. By offering 3-D virtual campus tours along with all other information, universities can provide prospective students a closer look at their campus and detailed insights into the facilities on offer.

With such new-age education fairs, the Metaverse can assist aspiring students to explore various colleges and universities under one roof. Moreover, it can also enable them to solve any doubts or concerns pertaining to the campus or the course at the venue of the education fair itself by talking to the university representatives.

Boost Exposure and Make a Lasting Impression

Youngsters today are highly active on social media platforms and are very much connected with each other digitally. So, when students explore a campus through the Metaverse, they are likely to share snapshots of the 3D college tours with their friends or post them online.

In this way, virtual campus tours in the Metaverse can help colleges to reach a large number of youngsters, which are a significant part of their target audience. Delivering a whole new experience of exploring college campuses through interactive and engaging elements can also be crucial in entertaining the prospective students and leaving a lasting impression.

The unique concept of 360-degree virtual tours can offer a bird’s eye view of the campus and deliver unparalleled engagement to the aspiring students. The prospect of checking out multiple colleges without leaving their home could be exciting for students and prove to be an instrumental factor while

Future Prospects

Along with virtual campus tours, universities can further leverage the Metaverse for college festivals, annual events, fresher parties, etc and other activities, especially in times like the covid-19 outbreak. By creating a digital replica of the college campus, universities can ensure that students from any part of the world don’t just get access to education but also stay connected and interact with their peers in a more natural way.

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Ankit Sehrawat
Ankit Sehrawat

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